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What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a term used to identify the 6 varieties of mined minerals once used for a very large variety of applications especially in the structural and building trades. The unique characteristics have made asbestos one of the most versatile building materials our planet has ever naturally discovered. Of the 6 varieties, Chrysotile (or "White Asbestos"), is the most commonly used asbestos in the building industry. This form of asbestos has been found in numerous building materials and has since been linked to extremely dangerous and irreversible health conditions when exposure has been made.

Where can Asbestos be found?


The most common building materials where asbestos can be found are:

  • Drywall and joint compound (including texture coats)

  • Plaster walls and ceilings

  • Popcorn ceilings

  • Caulk and fireproofing agents

  • Vinyl floor tiles, sheeting, and adhesives

  • Roofing tars, felts, siding, and shingles

  • Pipe insulation

What should I do if I have, or think I may have, discovered Asbestos?

STOP! Remove yourself and others away from the potential risk of asbestos exposure. Call Response Flood & Fire at 866-333-MICH(6424). One of our nationally certified asbestos abatement supervisors will explain the next steps you should take to keep yourself and your loved ones safe in the event of possible exposure. From there, we will schedule a on-site consultation.

What should I expect during a on-site consultation?


During an on-site consultation with one of our nationally certified abatement supervisors, we will be taking every precaution there is available. Samples will be taken for off-site laboratory testing. But, in the meantime, a proper containment of the possible asbestos will be conducted, free of charge, until lab results are received from our samplings. 

What should I expect during an Asbestos abatement at a property I occupy?

Response Flood & Fire's nationally certified abatement technicians and supervisors will properly contain the work environment using all of the latest cutting edge techniques. While the abatement is taking place, the use of HEPA air scrubbers will be necessary to catch and filter the microscopic fibers released into the containment zone. Once, our supervisors and their technicians have completed the abatement, we will contact a nationally certified air testing organization to ensure all asbestos fibers have been removed from the contaminated zones of the property. From there, they will provide a passing grade and you will be able to occupy the now asbestos free and safe living environment.

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